We did it! Harmony Grove is a GO!

It's here!  My new album, Harmony Grove,  is in the hands of all the Kickstarter backers who pre-ordered the album.  So excited to have it up and ready to share with YOU.   The seeds that were planted for the Harmony Grove project a little over a year ago are ready for harvest!  These are twelve singable songs for you and your friends to sing together,  and it has been made possible by the investment of all who participated in my Kickstarter campaign through prayer, patience and financial investment. Thanks to all of you, my dream of making "Harmony Grove" came  true.  Can't wait for the what's-next, and to hear you singing along... So check out what's new in the store section! Check out some old favorites, too, and keep in touch!  We're seeing so many of you on the road this summer... It's been amazing.  We love you!!



"What Do You Want From Me?"

Full Speed Ahead 

We're speeding busily into the what's-next of our lives, wondering at once what is to come, and reflecting on what has been.  

Recently, I was invited to join in as a songwriting clinician for the Convergence Music Project's Songcrafting Retreat, sponsored by Ken Medema and Interlude. To be on the same teaching roster as some of my heroes was truly an honor for me. 

In one of the classes, I mentioned that I wrote my first song at the age of 10 in response to some obnoxious encounter with a "mean girl" in 5th grade. To my surprise, a little quick math had me realizing that this marks my 30th year of writing music that expresses my thoughts, feelings, questions and assertions. 30 years! How is it possible?

So many folks have supported my music over the years, making my childhood dream of being a professional, working musician a reality. Five full length studio albums, 1 EP, a Christmas album, and a bilingual French/English album made with Eric Galia and the Reform Church of France, songs in hymnals and songbooks, promotional videos and conferences and campaigns-- these things have kept me mighty busy over the years!

This last year, I welcomed a daughter. Now one and a half, she is a chatterbox and a fledgling singer. I adore her, and especially love singing with her.

I'm excited for my next project-- currently under wraps, but coming into focus for an announcement soon!  In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy poking around the Store section of my site for some music that speaks to where you are in your life now. 



Heart Song Hostas 

A couple weeks ago, I got to spend some time at my Grandma's farm in Ohio.  She was an avid gardner and had a large, lush flower garden sprawling across the front lawn.  She’s been gone now for about ten years, and most of that garden has been choked out by weeds, or mown over by well meaning farming friends.  I borrowed a shovel from my uncle and went digging for a few bloomin’ memories to bring home to our garden in Tennessee.  

I dug Resurrection lilies, heirloom hostas and forget-me-nots, and carried them home in my suitcase, dirt and all.  As I planted them in our garden the morning after my return home, a tiny tag fell out from among the roots of one of the hostas. It was crusted over with mud, and appeared to have been buried for quite some time. It read "Heart Song." My heart was singing indeed as I dug holes for new homes for these plants, keeping in mind the legacy of love that is passed down in our family, and continues to grow alongside the hosta plants.  I wonder:  What are you growing in your families?  What heart songs are you singing, and having sung over and around you?  How can we help each other to grow, to sing, and to love?

Zoom, zoom! 

We are speeding straight toward spring!  This is great news for us, as we sit in the doldrums of winter--and yet, curling  up with cocoa and a good book still sounds mighty inviting!  It's been a mighty busy year with the Harmony Grove tour leading right into the book tour for "Brim," my new venture on worship and creativity written with my dear friend Rev. Dr. Suzanne Castle!  Stephen and I have been criss-crossing the country, our guitars shoved into overhead bins on planes and trains and trunks of cars. What  a joy it is to do something we love with our lives, and to get to do it together!  Still, as we approach the season of Lent, I am keenly aware of how much I long for stillness.  I'm hoping to surrender my "to do" list more often in the coming weeks, and to truly give myself a reprieve from the hustle and bustle.  My prayer for all of us this Lenten season is that we take time to listen for God's voice, calling out to us on our journey.  There is a "free gift" for you on the store page:  a download of my song "Ashes to Ashes."  Please download it, and help share the music we are sending your way with people to whom you think it would matter.  We appreciate our friends, fans and family for your support and love.  Blessings on your journey!  Andra

Bonjour de Paris!