Heart Song Hostas

A couple weeks ago, I got to spend some time at my Grandma's farm in Ohio.  She was an avid gardner and had a large, lush flower garden sprawling across the front lawn.  She’s been gone now for about ten years, and most of that garden has been choked out by weeds, or mown over by well meaning farming friends.  I borrowed a shovel from my uncle and went digging for a few bloomin’ memories to bring home to our garden in Tennessee.  

I dug Resurrection lilies, heirloom hostas and forget-me-nots, and carried them home in my suitcase, dirt and all.  As I planted them in our garden the morning after my return home, a tiny tag fell out from among the roots of one of the hostas. It was crusted over with mud, and appeared to have been buried for quite some time. It read "Heart Song." My heart was singing indeed as I dug holes for new homes for these plants, keeping in mind the legacy of love that is passed down in our family, and continues to grow alongside the hosta plants.  I wonder:  What are you growing in your families?  What heart songs are you singing, and having sung over and around you?  How can we help each other to grow, to sing, and to love?

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