Full Speed Ahead

We're speeding busily into the what's-next of our lives, wondering at once what is to come, and reflecting on what has been.  

Recently, I was invited to join in as a songwriting clinician for the Convergence Music Project's Songcrafting Retreat, sponsored by Ken Medema and Interlude. To be on the same teaching roster as some of my heroes was truly an honor for me. 

In one of the classes, I mentioned that I wrote my first song at the age of 10 in response to some obnoxious encounter with a "mean girl" in 5th grade. To my surprise, a little quick math had me realizing that this marks my 30th year of writing music that expresses my thoughts, feelings, questions and assertions. 30 years! How is it possible?

So many folks have supported my music over the years, making my childhood dream of being a professional, working musician a reality. Five full length studio albums, 1 EP, a Christmas album, and a bilingual French/English album made with Eric Galia and the Reform Church of France, songs in hymnals and songbooks, promotional videos and conferences and campaigns-- these things have kept me mighty busy over the years!

This last year, I welcomed a daughter. Now one and a half, she is a chatterbox and a fledgling singer. I adore her, and especially love singing with her.

I'm excited for my next project-- currently under wraps, but coming into focus for an announcement soon!  In the meantime, I hope you'll enjoy poking around the Store section of my site for some music that speaks to where you are in your life now. 



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