From the recording Little Miracles


table of love
(andra moran/josh elson, copyright 1999 AMMO Music / wet cement songs)

Here we are, you and me
Wonder if we’re supposed to be
Here at this table
Draw me in as I am
I hope that you will understand
Why I come at this table of love

I am tired, I am worn, I am broken, I am torn
so I come to this table
I let your peace fill my soul,
cleanse my heart and make me whole
Here at this table of love

I’ve come here to lay it all down
You’ve come to lift me up
Now we’re forever bound
By this bread and by this cup
Here at this table of love

I was lost, now I’m found since we all have gathered round
Here at this table
I was blind, now I see all the ways You welcome me
Here at this table of love