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Worry (remastered)

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Andra Moran and Josh Elson, copyright 2003 AMMO Music/Wet Cement Songs

I don’t know the answers
But I’m pretty sure I finally figured out what the questions are
I can’t see where we’re going
But I’m pretty sure I finally figured out about where we are

I ain’t gonna worry ‘bout tomorrow, maybe joy or maybe sorrow
Either one is gonna happen either way
I could scream and holler but I think if I could follow
You could show me where I’m going to today

I don’t know what I’m thinking
But I’m pretty sure the moments that I’m worrying are wasted time
In my head a voice is ringing
And I’m pretty sure it’s telling me to leave these cares behind


Could all of this worry add one single moment to my life?

(Chorus out)