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  1. Light of Heaven

From the recording Harmony Grove

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Light of Heaven

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Light of Heaven
Andra Moran & Sam Hawksley
copyright 2011, all rights reserved.

Mountains beyond the hills
Higher than we can see
O how we reach for you
O, How we long to be

Closer to your hope, to your heart to your dream
To your smile for a world in need

Could we live in the light of heaven
Shine for all to see
To reflect all we’ve been given
Your kingdom come, your will be done
As it is in heaven

We see the work of your hand
In the starlight across the sky
O that you care for me,
Makes me want to try

To be closer to your love
To live life like you did
With patience and peace that you give


A light shines in the darkness
And nothing overcomes it
Life is the light of us all